My Christmas list this year was pretty short. I’ve been cutting back on my daily Starbucks runs, so all I really wanted was a jug to make cold brew in and some goooood coffee beans. That’s literally all I told Santa, and boy did it get delivered!

I had never heard of Driftaway Coffee before, ever. They offer a few different products, the most popular being tasting kits and coffee subscriptions. You receive a box with 4 small 2oz-4oz bags of whole coffee beans with 4 very different and unique coffee flavors. The beans are fresh roasted every Tuesday and Friday and the flavor profiles change monthly, ensuring that you get fresh coffee and new tastes every order! This was my first time actually paying attention to the coffee I was drinking, and I was absolutely mind blown at how great Driftaway was! Below are the beans I received (they’re from the December rotation):


#1 Ethiopia Kochere Banco Gotete G1

Fruity: Strawberry, Peach, Lime

#2 Papua New Guina Kunjin

Classic: Lemon Zest, Sweet Potato, Brown

#3 Nicaragua La Estrella

Balanced: Lemon, Red Grape, Floral

#4 El Salvador Santa Ana

Bold: Chocolate, Toast, Caramel

The first one I tried was #4 and I absolutely fell in LOVE! I’m a total sweets girl and it totally satiated my chocolate cravings. I was so sad when I ran out! I’ve spent the past couple of weeks rotating the coffees and am currently on my last bag…NOOOOO!

I think one of my favorite things about Driftaway Coffee is the human aspect of their business model. With the coffee comes postcards that detail the not just the location of where the beans came from and the process through which it is roasted, but also a profile on the farmers who grow the beans. I loved being able to get a little snippet behind the origins of what I’m drinking, Did I mention that for every pound of coffee they roast, they make a donation to the World Coffee Research?

Driftaway is such an amazing company, so PLEASE go and support them (and me!)

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