Wake up.
Go make breakfast.
Go to work.
Go to the store.
Go to the gym.
Go make dinner.
Go to bed.
Go run all the errands on Saturday and Sunday that I didn’t have time to do doing the week.

It’s normal for a lot of us. Always going. Always chaotic and rarely having a moment for ourselves. Always plugged into technology whether it be for pleasure, business, or just because we think there is nothing else for us to do.  We’re always going and never really stopping.

There’s a special place in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks.
Paula’s Silver Lining
You take a left off the highway followed by a right onto the nearly hidden road that takes you straight up into the hills. There’s no cell service and almost no WiFi, but an assortment of woodland creatures and farm animals to marvel at instead.

It’s a place to come and unplug. Expect the charm of what started out as a small, one-room hunting cabin– simple, but efficient. The wood-paneled interior, antique furnishings, and plethora of board games provide a cozy retreat from the “go” of our daily lives.

Paula has done an amazing job at an restoring this quaint little cabin and turning it into its own experience. I can easily say that it is one of THE best getaways and AirBnB’s that I’ve stayed in. Sometimes we all need to go just beyond the tourist parts and find the silver lining in disconnecting from the go.

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  1. Brenda

    I want to go sometime.

  2. Kyle

    Love this place. Perfect in warm or cold

    1. tblake1299@gmail.com

      Right?! It’s the perfect slice of heaven.

  3. Paula

    Hey Taylor and ty for the kind words – how do I share that on my page ❤️ Still learning instagram haha- also so you know we are turning the Cabin next to the Silver Lining into another rental and it will be opened year round .

    1. Taylor

      Hi Paula! Your best bet is to screenshot it and tag my Instagram ( @trackingthemiles ) since it’s such a pain to add URLs. I have my website right on my page so people can read the whole post. 🙂 We’re already looking forward to coming back in 2020. So excited!

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