I’m pursuing my Master of Public Administration with a dual-concentration in nonprofit management and leadership & global affairs; WHEW is that a mouthful! I’m currently studying full-time, so it should be a 2-year program for me. It’s HELLA stressful right now, but I’m getting through it and meeting some absolutely wonderful people and learning a lot about myself and my capabilities in the process, too. 

Fun fact: I’m back at my alma mater where I received my bachelor’s from! I studied Globalization and Russian…can you tell I’m a fan of all things ~global~?


If you didn’t know/haven’t seen me post about it, I’ve spent the past 6 months unemployed after getting #coronacannned in March. I’m now working at a local nonprofit that works to reduce poverty within the community through a number of different programs. I’m really looking forward to re-entering the nonprofit world and working to empower and uplift the community instead of working in a corporate, for-profit environment. I’ve been there for about a month now and I can honestly say I’m really enjoying it! It’s been really nice to be in an environment with people who genuinely care about other humans and care about the community. 

What does this mean for Tracking the Miles?

I’m not going anywhere! The pandemic isn’t getting much better here in the US right now, so even if I were able to travel outside of the country, I worry about if I’d end up being a danger or burden to communities that may not have the resources to withstand my privileged presence should I get sick there or god forbid unknowingly infect anyone in the community. 

In addition, I live in New York, which still has some of the strictest quarantine restrictions of the lower 48 states– meaning I pretty much cannot leave the Northeast without completing a 14-day quarantine upon by return. With that being said, I’m doing all that I can to explore New York and the surrounding states. Due to the nature of my insane schedule now it’s been a wild ride trying to write (I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts since the beginning of September), but I promise I’ll tell y’all about the fun I’ve been having soon. 

Until then, don’t forget: Black Lives Matter, science is real, and be sure to vote in November. xoxo. 

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