1) Google Flights / Skyscanner

The very first thing I do when I want to plan a trip is check out flight prices on both Google Flights and Skyscanner. They are pretty similar, but I have found that Google Flights is a bit better as it is easier to navigate and also prices are more realistic. I try to be as flexible with my dates and destinations as possible, as I usually go wherever I can find the least expensive flights to. They’re often the most expensive part of the trip, so if I can save money there then I have more fun money one I reach my destination!

2) Hostelworld / Airbnb

Both of these options are far cheaper than hotels in my experience traveling throughout Europe, and whichever you use depends on the type of traveler you are. For those who are younger and eager to adventure, I HIGHLY recommend hostels, especially if you are traveling solo. If the idea of sleeping in dorm rooms freak you out, many hostels have single rooms if you prefer. They’re more expensive than the dorms obviously, but you don’t lose all of the social aspect of staying in a hostel that way. For more mature, older travelers or couples who do not care about meeting people or want their privacy, AirBnb is a great option. If you haven’t used it, definitely check it out. You basically stay in rooms or homes that are being rented out by their owners, so I prefer them over hotels as its more cozy and personal-as if its your own home!

3) Maps.Me

On this app you have the ability to download offline maps for if you won’t have cell service at your destination! We used them in Stockholm and Copenhagen and they were a lifesaver because we didn’t need our cellular data at all.

4) Rome2Rio

Whenever I am planning a trip and trying to figure out how to get from one city to another, this is my go to. It gives you whichever options are possible and gives approximate prices, along with directing you to websites that you can view time tables or book tickets on.

5) WhatsApp

I try not to use my cellular data or service when I am overseas unless it is an emergency, as it is expensive through my carrier ($10 per day). WhatsApp is great because if you or anyone you talk to doesn’t have iMessage, you can use this app to text and even call one another on through wifi!

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