Lately, it seems like a day doesn’t go by where heartbreaking and awful events occur across the world. With the volcanoes of Indonesia rumbling to life triggering tsunamis, massive flooding in Eastern Africa, terror attacks throughout the US, Europe, and even New Zealand, kidnappings of tourists, and the horrific airplane crashes in the past year, a sane minded traveler can’t help but wonder…do we hide in our “safe” bubbles and stop adventuring? Or do we continue taking every day one plane/train/bus/footstep at a time?

I vote for the latter. We so often hear the words “that place is dangerous”, “they hate Americans/insert nationality/religion/ethnicity/orientation here”, and “you could be drugged and kidnapped or raped”. Well guess what? The same thing could happen here. It does happen here. I wasn’t drugged while in a foreign country–I was in a sorority house in my college city. I wasn’t raped while traversing the world solo–I was in the US by a boyfriend of mine. I never feared that an active shooter would walk into my Russian university, but I thought about it happening every single day while in high school and university. I don’t deny that these things don’t happen elsewhere, because they very obviously do. However, I don’t think that these happenings should define us and what we choose to do. We face risk every time we take a breath-time and time again we’ve seen that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are.

We’re in a day and age where life is scary and dangerous. Nothing protects us while adventuring, nor does it protect us at home. We’re only here for a minute amount of time–why waste it on being safe?

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