Prime travel season is fast approaching, so here’s a smashed together list of hacks to make your travels easier, cheaper, and BETTER!

1) Save your money on the two most expensive parts of traveling-flights and accomodations. Fly budget airlines and stay in hostels/Airbnb/couchsurfing.

2) Learn how to pack light-carry on only! Not only will you save on baggage fees, but it will also be easier to move around within the city or between destinations.

3) Invest in a solid portable charger-it’s worth it to fork over some money on one. Sometimes you’re stuck in places where you don’t have access or have limited access to an outlet and you need to be able to charge your phone in case of an emergency. Amazon has tons of options-I recommend RAV Power or Anker.

4) Try not to have set destinations in mind. If you just want to see the world and you’re broke as right now, go to the cheapest places. I’d suggest Eastern Europe for any newbie who isn’t ready to step too far out of their comfort zone-Germany, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are all great options.

5) Get a cute, comfy pair of walking shoes. I try not to take public transportation if I can help it. Not only do I save money by walking, but I get to see and learn more of the city! I wore Vans all throughout my backpacking trip and they were great. Plus, I was able to wear them out to bars and clubs and still look good.

6) PACKING CUBES! They’re an absolute life saver as they compress and organize everything in your bag. Again, head to Amazon for some great options.

7) Always bring cheap rubber flip flops. Hostel showers are gross, so save yourself the trouble and head to Old Navy and spent $3.

8)Always look for deals on activities. Free walking tours are the best way to get to know a city, plus your guide can probably give you some great tips on other places to check out or bars/restaurants to head to!

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