I recently spent a long weekend in Amsterdam, and since it’s probably one of the more expensive countries I’ve visited this year (besides Sweden and Denmark) I decided to take a detailed look at my spending during my three days in the city of red lights.

Nights spent: 3
Flight: $305 (Norwegian)
Transit to and from airports: $62.50 (Train/Subway/Sprinter)
Hostel: $114.38 (Flying Pig Downtown) / ~$38 per night
Food: $104.95
Drink: $63.06 
Museums/Tours: $41.07 (entrance fees/tips)
Cash: $34.09
Miscellaneous: $22.31

Total: $736.89
Total minus flights: $431.89

Overall, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had initially thought it would be, nowhere near as bad as Sweden and Denmark. Plus, I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention to any sort of budget. I had the option to use the hostel kitchen for some meals, but since I was with a friend, we were just enjoying ourselves, exploring, and ya know, girls just want to have fun! The one thing I was not expecting in terms of price was the cheap alcohol. At out hostel tequila shots were only €2 and mixed drinks at a bar we went to was only €6, it was the weirdest thing! I went in thinking I would be spending double that on booze, so it was a nice surprise for us.

Amsterdam was a blast, but due to the cost of visiting and the sheer amount of people everywhere, I’m not quite sure I’d go back soon.

Have you been to Amsterdam? Would you ever go? Let me know in the comments below!

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