Whether returning from a one week vacation or a long-term adventure, returning home can be a tough adjustment. It’s considered so cliche to feel some type of way after returning home, but is that really fair? 

It really depends on the type of traveler you are. People who opt for more luxurious and all-inclusive trips tend to miss being waited on hand-and-foot in their beautiful destination, which is NOT a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want to live that life?! Those who plan their trips and do a bit more unstructured activities tend to miss the chaos and the freedom that traveling like that affords them.

So… Is feeling like this normal?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes. Nothing will compare to how you feel while you’re not at home. Be prepared for general disinterest in hearing about your trip. It’s all you will want to discuss. Your experiences will start weaving themselves into your stories and conversations. It will seem like you just can’t shut up about it. You will experience things that most at home just won’t understand if they haven’t traveled in the same way, and it’s simply difficult for them to relate, which is OK!

How can I not feel like this?

Find a group or community where you can share your experiences, even if it’s online. If it’s something that helps, turn to social media and you’ll always manage to find similar people who can help you overcome how you’re feeling. 

Let it out. Write about it. Talk about it. Start a Youtube, a podcast, a blog, or even just a plain old journal. Even if it’s only for you or if no one reads/listens/watches it, it can be incredibly cathartic to just spew everything that you feel bubbling up into some media that suits you. Confession: that’s how Tracking the Miles started! Over the last 2 years I’ve been able to just write and vent and tell the world about my experiences. 

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