A question I am constantly hounded with is “how can you afford to travel so much?” It’s really not all that
difficult. Here’s some of my best tips to keep costs down.

**Disclaimer: I know that not everyone is able to adhere to certain things that I do/say, this is just a
general overview based on myself and my experiences!

1) SAVE YOUR MONEY. Stop going out to eat 4x a week. Pack your lunch, make your coffee at home, live with your parents if you are still at an age where you can (like me).

2) WORK YOUR BUTT OFF. I get it. No one really wants to work their life away, right? Well sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it if you really want to make your dreams a reality. I work a full time job and a part time night job as well. I live like a pauper and work like a slave in order to save every penny I possibly can.

3) BUDGET AIRLINES ARE YOUR FRIEND. Seriously–Norwegian is my new favorite airline. Yes, it’s a budget airline. But, it’s a nice budget airline. Their flights are dirt cheap, so if you are planning on backpacking, FLY WITH THEM. I spent $250 RT NY → Dublin, $350 RT NY → Stockholm → Copenhagen, and I’m flying with them at the beginning and end of my upcoming Eastern Europe galavant. Being uncomfortable is worth it when you have a few hundred extra dollars to spend at your destination and only a 20lb pack to carry vs wheeling an overweight suitcase through European cobblestone streets.

4) HOSTELS. HOSTELS. HOSTELS. If you’re at a young age like me and you want to travel on a budget, there is no reason you should not be staying in hostels, whether you’re traveling solo or you have a buddy with you. Hostels will run you on average probably $20USD/night, maybe more depending on what cities you visit. It all depends on the country and the season you are traveling (which I will get into). They’re a great way to make friends with people from all over the world.

5) TRAVEL DURING OFF SEASON. During peak season, aka summer, prices go up an insane amount. It really isn’t worth it to pay almost double the price for airfare and a bed at a hostel. Plus, you hardly have to wait in line at museums/attractions (and depending on where you are, admission prices may be lower or free on certain days!).

I hope I’ve given some decent, reasonably easy advice for anyone to follow to make their dreams of traveling the world a reality! Go out and EXPLORE!

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