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  • Suitcase or Backpack – Which is Better?

    Suitcase or Backpack – Which is Better?

    There are backpack people and there are suitcase people. Both people spend hundreds on their luggage of choice, whether it be an 85L top loader backpack with a multitude of separate compartments or a hard suitcase with 4 spinner wheels and a portable charger built into it.  Disclaimer: If you know me, you …Continue Reading»
  • Travel Essentials – What I Always Keep Packed (Year Round)

    Travel Essentials – What I Always Keep Packed (Year Round)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– I LOVE PACKING! It’s so therapeutic and it get’s me so excited for wherever I’m going. Upon return, it takes weeks to fully unpack. However, there are always certain items to always keep packed and ready in your bag.   1. Padlocks / bag locks …Continue Reading»
  • One Week Scandinavia Itinerary

    One Week Scandinavia Itinerary

    $350 flights really tickle my fancy. Even if they’re to some of the most expensive cities in Europe – aka Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Scandinavia is a notoriously expensive region for pretty much everyone. Most attractions are NOT free, the average meal costs upwards of $15, and you’re looking at paying more …Continue Reading»
  • 3 Day Ireland Itinerary

    3 Day Ireland Itinerary

    Remember that time I scored direct flights to Dublin for $250? Remember how that was my very first fully solo trip?! As a university student, I was only able to take a short 3-day trip, but what an awesome 3 days it was! Where I stayed As I typically do, I booked my …Continue Reading»
  • 5 Ways to Make Travel CHEAPER

    5 Ways to Make Travel CHEAPER

    Travel has always been seen as being too expensive for most people.. Can it be? Yes, of course. Is it always, though? No! As the internet evolves, there has been an ever-increasing trend of prices going down. Wait, hold up–how can traveling be made cheaper??? 1. Be as flexible as possible. Be as …Continue Reading»

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